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The tinker laid a heavy hand upon the innkeeper's fat shoulder, and tried to look impressive.
The newcomer eyed the perspiring tinker in a friendly way, and seeing he was a stout fellow accosted him.
As thus he walked down a shady lane he saw a tinker coming, trolling a merry song as he drew nigh.
Now a murrain seize thee and thy news, thou scurvy dog," quoth the Tinker, "for thou speakest but ill of good men.
Tinker, surlily; "because he looks to his farthings.
He never gave away a farthing in his life," growled Tinker.
So am I,' said the tinker, waking up, as suddenly as he had fallen asleep.
Giles, valiantly, pushing the tinker into the background.
Things which seemed to other men trifles were to him deadly sins; and although he was so stern to himself, to others he shows a fatherly tenderness which makes us feel that this rough tinker was no narrow Puritan, but a broad-minded, large-hearted Christian.
In a moment he had recovered his shadow, and in his delight he forgot that he had shut Tinker Bell up in the drawer.
As I drew nearer to them, trying to propitiate the tinker by my looks, I observed that the woman had a black eye.
Most of the tramping tinkers used to come and lodge at our place; that was the best part of my master's earnings.