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He said said that revival of TIP is vital to utilize it in better way especially catering needs of IT industry of Pakistan.
Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui said that every effort would be made to make TIP a best revenue-generating body.
The new feature will enable Uber riders and eaters to show their appreciation through tips for excellent services rendered.
Our cab driver, angry that we didn't tip him enough refused to help us decant the bags from the trunk.
Justice Gulzar Ahmad remarked ' the telephones of TIP were very good.
Ovation Tips, a trusted company from the hospitality industry was created as a way to connect customers with the service professionals that make their lives a little easier each day through mobile topping.
"But after the introduction of taxes, many customers feel that they spend more on the food, and tipping has become lesser and lesser, despite providing similar or even better services to them." In many parts of the world, a 10 per cent tip on a restaurant bill is seen as pretty standard to a waiter in the UAE.
Restaurant waiting staff, housekeepers, taxis and tour guides will expect a ten to 20 per cent tip in addition to the normal price.
Richie Jackson, CEO of the Texas Restaurant Association, argued that the Labor Department plan wouldn't affect most Texas workers; he believes the majority of Texas employers use a tip credit.
I left a very generous cash tip. I did not ask if she had to share her tip.
The problem is that many employees often interact with customers and therefore influence the customer's experience and likelihood of adding a tip to the bill.
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