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Two first-half tries by wing Richard Carter tipped the balance in Aberavon's favour and earned them a comfort zone 17-3 half-time advantage.
A late drop goal tipped the balance in favour of Borough.
Pisano's future was thought to be in serious jeopardy due to some expected absences of his supporters from the weekend meetings which could have tipped the balance of those present to the MemberShip First minority.
What tipped the balance in favor of an integrated approach were the ability to cost-effectively improve the base vehicle while increasing its performance capabilities, and the fact that the lessons learned were learned by people within the organization and could be applied on different programs.
His barnstorming breaks over the past few weeks tipped the balance in his favour.
The 2003 installment, with contributions from the Atlas Group (Walid Ra'ad), Mark Dion, Andrea Fraser, Inventory, Robert Morris, and Carey Young, tipped the balance toward recent and new work, organized around the theme of the performance lecture.
The sour economy tipped the balance for some of them this time.
A penalty try tipped the balance in their favour as O'Gara's conversion opened up a 16-3 lead.
Her deposit into the society's Earlsdon branch last week tipped the balance of its Call Save Instant account over pounds 1 billion.