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Lits said the tipping feature comes as a result of the feedback Uber has received from driver-partners and delivery-partners through various engagement sessions.
Some will even follow you out of the restaurant if you leave without tipping.
"We are working with a number of different hotels and shuttle bus companies to improve our service based on market demands," said President Kevin Gildea "Tipping hardworking professionals in the hospitality does not need to be complicated.
Whereas some customers might seem reluctant about tipping, according to service workers, others have completely abandoned the generous gesture of giving out tips for their good services.
While some countries, such as the US, are famous for their tipping culture, in others it is considered almost offensive.
The new tipping proposal would disproportionately affect women, the Economic Policy Institute said in its report.
Personal tips are not allowed but some guests insist on tipping their server and even encourage the server to keep it to himself.
"Tipping is neither expected nor required," the company said on its website.
Recent interest in replacing tipping with service charges or higher service-inclusive menu pricing prompts a review of empirical evidence on the advantages and disadvantages to restaurants of these different compensation systems.
The TripAdvisor travel guide to the UK says: "If you get a haircut, tipping is common but not universal/ required.
I WAS disgusted to read about the Las Iguanas tipping policy.
After revelations that tips don't actually go directly to waiting staff at popular chain restaurants Las Iguanas and Cote, we spoke to restaurants with outlets in Wales to ask them what their policy on tipping is...