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SOME readers, who are of a particular age, will recall the time when racecourses throughout the land were "graced" with racecourse tipsters.
The tipster, whose contract ended in 2008, was also involved in a labor dispute with Microsoft in China, they added.
The tipster added: "I could be putting myself out of a job here but you can know too much about racing and at the end of the day it's a lot to do with luck.
Tipsters receive cash rewards for information leading to arrest and/or conviction for theft, fraud or crimes committed against energy companies.
The pool was fenced off and locked, but the boy somehow got inside and jumped, or fell into, the pool, the tipster said.
Fans can download Vegas's tipster podcasts for all the races from www.
com the leading sports tipping and tipster monitoring and proofing brand, to provide our members with this new service.
As a fluent Welsh speaker, he later joined BBC Radio Wales, where he became a tipster and a reporter.
White make it clear that an anonymous tip that merely identifies a person, but does not show that the tipster has knowledge of concealed criminal activity is not sufficient to establish a reasonable suspicion justifying a stop and frisk.
hpt=us_c1) CNN reports that Dan Moldea, author of "The Hoffa Wars," first spoke to the tipster in March and sent him to police.
We can only hope that the PM is a better politician than tipster.
A tipster who provided information that led to an arrest and conviction in a home invasion burglary became the first recipient of a $1,000 reward under a program the city approved.