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Tuesday, March 13--Session 3--Optimization of the testing process: "T3M-TUV tire temperature method--applied for performance and wear optimization in testing and simulation," Bernhard Schick, TUV SLID Automotive; "Xpert --automatic x-ray inspection software for tire applications," Thierry I.
As consuming markets have strengthened, the number of tires sitting in stockpiles has declined.
2003), examined the human and ecosystem hazard presented by tire crumb using in vitro mutagenicity assays.
Eyeball your vehicle's tires often, especially in quarries, for signs of tire spin cuts.
Rotate every 6,000 to 8,000 miles: "It promotes even tire wear, so they'll last longer.
landfills have begun charging for disposal in an attempt to limit the number of tires at their sites.
Rankings are based on percent of tires going to end use markets, number of stockpiled tires, stockpiled tires per capita, number of tires land-disposed and the percent of the number of tires/per capita land-disposed in 2005.
The biggest shortages appear to be in the Caterpillar 777 truck tire line and for tires in the 57-inch range.
wheel and tire assemblies, and the cost of the support ring is under $50.
What's the scoop on mixing and matching different brand tires on the same vehicle?