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In his final letter to his beloved Bruria days before the Entebbe raid, now known in Israel as "Operation Jonathan," he writes tiredly of "the madness of the world" and the endless crises of his occupation:
Hussain eventually fell pushing forward tiredly and edging behind - and his departure started a lower-order collapse which saw five wickets fall for 15 runs in six overs.
The passengers sit tiredly in the compartments, dressed in peasant garb that hangs loosely on their sturdy frames.
Erhoff slithered heavily over the berm into the fighting hole and propped himself up tiredly.
I tooked him in the eye and tiredly responded, "Sweetie, when Mrs.
When I left the library that Sunday evening, one part of my scholarly self supposed tiredly that I had simply confirmed for myself some things almost everyone in our profession already knew: that for most of the twentieth century women were rarely subjects of musical scholarship; that when they were, for most of the twentieth century musical women were understood to be of scholarly interest mainly in relation to famous men, to whom they were linked by family, marriage, friendship, or sexual liaisons; that the exceptions to this norm were women singers, patrons and, in Musical Quarterly, the pianist Teresa Carreno; that musical women began to be of deeper scholarly interest because women scholars made them so, in the wake of the so-called "second wave" feminism that emerged about 1970.
he laughs tiredly, as though he has heard the question many times before.
The jeremiads of White House aides flow tiredly together.
Tiredly "wallowing in impurities" late at night, Bataille's sensationalism invests hidden details with an exaggerated revolutionary significance whose value, for Breton, is both banal and pathological.
All the rice died, man," he exclaimed tiredly when we stopped to talk.
The first of Austin's novels, Isidro, published just two years after the book of nature essays that is still usually regarded as her finest work, might well be dismissed as simply a historical romance deploying such tiredly conventional motifs as disguise, a lost child, uncertain identity, and daring rescues (in this case, from Indians).
Some of these kids have been living on the streets since they were eight or nine," the coach said tiredly.