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The tireless femme-de-chambre set down a tray with coffee cups on the table.
Every third man wears a uniform, and whether he be a marshal of the empire or a brakeman, he is ready and perfectly willing to answer all your questions with tireless politeness, ready to tell you which car to take, yea, and ready to go and put you into it to make sure that you shall not go astray.
The Scarecrow, Scraps and the Pumpkinhead were tireless and had no need to sleep, so they sat up and talked together all night; but they stayed outside the house, under the bright stars, and talked in low tones so as not to disturb the sleepers.
Twice within the past few minutes he has started absent-mindedly across the tracks in the direction of a near-by swamp, only to be rescued and dragged back by the tireless Mr.
Nevertheless, with the exception of the ones that limped, the movements of the animals were eftortless and tireless.
Day and night the ship throbbed to the tireless pulse of the propeller, and though one day was very like another, it was apparent to Buck that the weather was steadily growing colder.
Day and night she brooded over them with tireless devotion and anxiety, leaving John to the tender mercies of the help, for an Irish lady now presided over the kitchen department.
When Ripple first began her airy journey, all was dark and dreary; heavy clouds lay piled like hills around her, and a cold mist filled the air but the Sunbeam, like a star, lit up the way, the leaf lay warmly round her, and the tireless wind went swiftly on.
His tireless dedication to the care of war memorials earned the dad-of-two a Scottish Angel Heritage Award in 2015.
ISLAMABAD -- Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has appreciated Government's economic team led by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar for their tireless efforts resulting in unprecedented economic returns for the country.
Incumbent Senate President Franklin Drilon remembered the late Senator Ernesto Maceda as "a tireless worker and a very hands-on Senate leader".
Cde Mangok shall always be remembered for his tireless commitment and these tireless achievements," said Jambo, in a statement also copied to president Salva Kiir, among others.