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Obama, of course, is violating the very principles that he tirelessness preaches, by responding to "accusations" of his Muslim heritage as if he was warding off an incurable disease.
I marveled at Lambdin's tirelessness as he stood patiently behind the counter, conversing knowledgeably with my garrulous friend.
For his tirelessness in entertaining the troops, Brown was given a Bronze Star as well as a special citation, voted by the Military Order of the Purple Heart, for his "meritorious service.
Add the tirelessness and tenacity of the management team.
But when his cross floated into the far corner, Konchesky deserved his fortune for his tirelessness in this sapping environment.
The sheer range of the leftist anarchist activities of Carlo Tresca (1879-1943) and the seeming tirelessness which he carried them out make this biography by Pernicone (history, Drexel U.
is strained by the very tirelessness with which Badiou surrounds the formal expositions with intuitive sketches.
He was second-in-command of British forces during the Siege of Mafeking, and his work there earned him a reputation for tirelessness and solid professionalism.
His closest friends will remember Bob Hunter for his sense of humour and his tirelessness.
His contemporaries respected his ability, his tirelessness in argument, and his independent outlook, but tended to pigeon-hole him as eccentric.