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The old masters did paint some Venetian historical pictures, and these we did not tire of looking at, notwithstanding representations of the formal introduction of defunct doges to the Virgin Mary in regions beyond the clouds clashed rather harshly with the proprieties, it seemed to us.
It is, of course, possible that a cunning man might change the tires of his bicycle in order to leave unfamiliar tracks.
Look at this impression, where you get both tires clear.
But one tires of all good things, and in the end, my father, chuckling maliciously the while, led the way across the trees.
He doesn't listen to me; he tires himself out staying here till five o'clock, an hour after all the others have gone.
There were the usual engravings, which humanity never tires of contemplating.
mamma will weary all about her before she tires herself with her exertions; and as for Mr.
New tires, superb springs, a horse in a thousand, and a driver up to every trick of his trade
Not a word had we had together; not a word did we have until we had left the others at Paddington, and were skimming through the streets in a hansom with noiseless tires and a tinkling bell.
Because be never tires of mocking me, but does it all day long.
No, miss; it's my whiskers; they tire very easily in this warm weather," said he.
Finally, when Dorothy had begun to tire with chasing after him, Toto sat down panting beside the shaggy man and gave up.