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And the definition of perspectives and biographies, though it does not yet yield anything that would be commonly called "mental," is presupposed in mental phenomena, for example in mnemic causation: the causal unit in mnemic causation, which gives rise to Semon's engram, is the whole of one perspective-- not of any perspective, but of a perspective in a place where there is nervous tissue, or at any rate living tissue of some sort.
We have seen that they are subject to mnenic causation, and that mnenic causation may be reducible to ordinary physical causation in nervous tissue. This is the question upon which our attitude must turn towards what may be called materialism.
It is probable, though not certain, that mnemic causation is derivative from ordinary physical causation in nervous (and other) tissue.
She held the door open while they all entered a pretty sitting-room that was littered with all sorts of paper--some stiff, some thin, and some tissue. The sheets and scraps were of all colors.
You begin to see that it is a possible thing to transplant tissue from one part of an animal to another, or from one animal to another; to alter its chemical reactions and methods of growth; to modify the articulations of its limbs; and, indeed, to change it in its most intimate structure.
All these amiable and inexorable persons were resolutely engaged in pretending to each other that they had never heard of, suspected, or even conceived possible, the least hint to the contrary; and from this tissue of elaborate mutual dissimulation Archer once more disengaged the fact that New York believed him to be Madame Olenska's lover.
It was this: I asked myself whether there was not in his soul some deep-rooted instinct of creation, which the circumstances of his life had obscured, but which grew relentlessly, as a cancer may grow in the living tissues, till at last it took possession of his whole being and forced him irresistibly to action.
I had to gulp again and hold the poison down, for poison it was to my child's tissues and membranes.
I was a sick child, and, despite the terrible strain on my heart and tissues, I continually relapsed into the madness of delirium.
You know that curious cellular matter which constitutes the elementary tissues of vegetable?
The harmonic scalpel is an ultrasonically activated device that provides mechanical energy to cut and coagulate tissue. Tissue vibration and cavitational fragmentation produce cutting.
The following paragraphs describe our most recent results from USAXS imaging and USAXS analysis on human ankle cartilage and man-made tissue scaffolds.