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alexandrina parent snails on the mechanisms of interaction and the tissue reactions of their offspring against S.
The concern is that tissue reactions in rodents are seen with many materials, may be nonspecific, and may not occur in humans.
If placed in the ear a spontaneous leakage of alkaline electrolyte solution produces a low-voltage direct-current burn causing a tissue reaction within a few hours of impaction.
Vicryl in deeper layers and Ethilon in superficial layer appeared to be the best combination amounting to only 8% of bad healing due to minimal tissue reaction.
As tissue reaction after administration of plant extract was not studied, it is not recommended herewith for obstetrical use but may be used for rectal examination and other external applications.
12] The "Mensilk" suture, as a non-absorbable synthetic polyester which we usually use in phimosis or excess foreskin surgery, may cause minimal tissue reaction, but there is no hydrolysis or hypotonia in the short term.
Comparison between in vitro toxicity of two novel fibrous mineral dusts and their tissue reaction in vivo.
Results from the subcutaneous tissue reaction (Study I) exhibited that each Pre-CPC showed negligible inflammatory reaction.
The 9-0 Dexon suture material appeared to be an excellent choice for this surgical procedure because of its size, ease of handling, minimal tissue reaction, and relatively rapid absorption.
Xanthogranulomatous tissue reaction is an uncommon but well-documented process that occurs at many sites in the body.
Attorney Kelley added, "Stryker acknowledges that, as a result of design flaws with the ABG II and Rejuvenate hip replacements, recipients of these hip devices may experience 'excessive metal debris and/or ion generation,' leading to 'possible Adverse Local Tissue Reaction (ALTR), inflammation, and immunological responses spurring metallosis, necrosis, and/or pain.