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In the acellular swim bladder grafted group the inflammatory reaction was initially more and decreased gradually by 28th day which indicates less tissue reaction.
Histologic evaluation of the tissue reaction to five suture materials in the body wall of rock doves (Columba livia).
In comparison with these changes, sporocysts in bearded horse mussel mantle tissue evoked only a mild tissue reaction, which did not appear to limit the host reproductive capability, a consequence that would also limit digenean spread.
The tissue reaction induced in rats and guinea-pigs by polymethylmethacrylate (acrylic) and stainless steel (18/8/Mo).
The lack of tissue reaction to the myospherules in renal cell carcinoma is unique among all previously described cases of myospherulosis and may provide a new model of their formation in association with endogenous lipid.
If they are used to deliver drugs into the body, they leave no trace of residual materials, which if left behind can cause chronic tissue reaction.
There are few in vivo studies evaluating the tissue reaction to suture materials that mainly depend on how the suture polymer interacts with the tissues.
Both materials became encapsulated by a thin layer (d"80 [micro]m) of fibrous tissue, which was independent from implantation time (31), in all cases, zirconia did not elicit any form of adverse tissue reaction, suggesting that zirconia was biocompatible.
Abundantly illustrated coverage is organized in sections on tissue reaction patterns, the epidermis, the dermis and subcutis, the skin in systemic and miscellaneous diseases, infections and infestations, and tumors.
Results from the subcutaneous tissue reaction (Study I) exhibited that each Pre-CPC showed negligible inflammatory reaction.
Xanthogranulomatous tissue reaction is an uncommon but well-documented process that occurs at many sites in the body.
4) While there are currently no known clinical after-effects associated with Late Acquired Incomplete Stent Appositions, cardiologists prefer a low incidence rate of this phenomenon when comparing stents, because it suggests the possibility of a localized tissue reaction to the stent in some patients, which may or may not lead to some, as yet unknown, long-term complication.