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With the contact against the spinous process, the therapist brings the client's spine into lateral flexion toward him until tissue tension is reached (Figure 10B).
Comparison of average overall assessment of perilaryngeal tissue tension by the LMTPE scale in the study and the control group was carried out.
It is suggested that proper soft tissue tension should be considered to avoid microseparation to ensure low wear performance [15].
Adequate tissue tension and clear visibility of the tissue to be dissected by traction are important for effective and safe ESD.
(13) Circumferential supracrestal fiberotomy was advocated for the release of soft tissue tension and reattachment of the fibers after orthodontic correction of tooth rotation.
Features shared by the existing implants include limited distal stem rotational stability and a propensity for prosthetic joint instability in part, from failure to take advantage of opportunities for soft tissue tension and its attachment to the bone or prosthesis.
An extraoral surgical reconstruction of the distended intermandibular skin was performed: the excess skin was incised and resected and the margins of the incision were sutured with appropriate tissue tension to obtain a good apposition and prevent ventral displacement of the hyoid apparatus.
During the interim period before reimplantation, antibiotic-loaded cement spacer has been widely adopted as an effective method to deliver high levels of local antibiotics for infection control and to maintain the soft tissue tension before the reimplantation surgery [3].
In Aviation, Dextrose is valuable in counteracting the effects of "tissue tension", a condition of nerve reaction to high altitudes.