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In Western ecclesiastical law, the act of paying a percentage of one's income to further religious purposes. One of the political subdivisions of England that was composed of ten families who held freehold estates.

Residents of a tithing were joined in a society and bound to the king to maintain peaceful relations with each other. The person responsible for the administration of the tithing was called the tithing-man; he was a forerunner of the constable.

TITHING, Eng. law. Formerly a district containing ten men with their families. In each tithing there was a tithing man whose duty it was to keep the peace, as a constable now is bound to do. St. Armand, in his Historical Essay on the Legislative Power of England, p. 70, expresses, an opinion that the tithing was composed not of ten common families, but of ten families of lords of a manor.

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Kleptomaniac: Who's Really Robbing God Anyway is an educational book that tackles a religious taboo subject such as tithing and adds more information to an under-saturated subject in the book world concerning tithing.
The dividend will fulfil the company's tithing obligation for the fiscal year ended 31 December 2013 and will be paid on 7 March 2014, to shareholders of record on 28 February 2014.
In its calculation of the monthly amount Thompson should pay, the IRS allowed only $19,244 of his monthly expenses as necessary expenses, disallowing, among other things, his church tithing expenses.
Pausanias tells us, more generally, that the island neglected to send its tithing "through [an] immoderate desire of accumulating wealth.
Furreboe served as the executive director of the Tithing Foundation in May 2006 when its board voted to entrust the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago with its mission and ministry.
Nearly every tradition in American Christianity teaches tithing.
Church tithing or donations are paid if the insured suffers a loss of income from a disability caused by any accident at their residence.
Charles Zech, a Villanova University economics professor and expert in Catholic giving issues, said, "It doesn't surprise me that few or not Catholics tithe, because that's not what they've been taught as tithing.
Church members provide unique insights into income definitions because of their practice of tithing, where individuals voluntarily contribute one-tenth of their income to the church.
Weekly church attendance is down to below 30 percent, tithing a percentage of income has dropped by half, parochial school enrollment has slid from half of all Catholic kids to under 20 percent, and varying majorities of Catholics disagree with official hierarchy positions on divorce, contraception, abortion rights, ordaining women, and allowing priests to marry.
It shares its abundance in a tithing program that gives back 10 percent of its profit to the community.