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Micky's casual sexual encounters in the novel serve the reader more to illustrate her inadequacies rather than to titillate. Her intimate scenes with Cornelia display a range of emotions: tenderness, obligation, humor, and anguish.
He was the kind of fellow whom I suspect would have told Kinsey anything that would titillate and, even if he was telling the truth, would have described a sex life, that was, to put it as gently as possible, atypical.
Passengers can take one of 1,000 limited edition leaflets, which have a special strip to titillate the taste buds.
I'm going to titillate you instead'' Peter Mandelson to a reporter inquiring about a lunch he had with Michael Portillo.``She should have gone for singing lessons.
This week, Ann Summers announced plans to publish its Guide To Wild Sex, the latest in a long line of manuals which promise to teach not titillate.
Gold Indigoes achieves moments of manifest beauty that vibrate the spine and titillate the skin, tempting the reader to be brave against conjugal love's fire.
The endless parade of brutal sex, madness, and self-destruction is meant to titillate not horrify--or, rather, it is meant to horrify, but only as part of its basic desire to titillate.
Trading Standards boss Frank Hotch-kiss, above, said: "It wasn't a one- to-one line but it was intended to titillate."
It's just that when you sensationalize war crimes, genocide, or famine through graphic images, when the pictures are there to titillate and shock, they objectify and dehumanize the participants, and reinforce a notion of an inbred, almost genetic barbarity that transcends history and politics, a barbarity that can't be changed.
Sometimes these vehicles are wild and futuristic just to titillate the audience.
A horseradish-like condiment made from an Asian plant, wasabi mixed in small amounts with soy sauce is meant to titillate slumbering taste buds.