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Gil said that at the presscon, 'The boys playfully sang the Rivermaya classic Hinahanap-hanap Kita and made the audience, especially the girls and the gays, feel excited, titillated by the boys' sexy moves to the song's sexy tone.'
But later, at her old favourite Hawley Arms, Mighty Boosh star Noel Fielding looked titillated - though Wino still stumbled home alone around 3.30am.
Who can deny being titillated by the affair between Mark Herron and Peter Allen--while the former was married to Judy and the latter to her daughter Liza?
When she played a mascara-painted schoolgirl in a video and titillated mid-life crisis-sufferers like Alastair Campbell.
Their Viagra experiment - where they gave three men a pill before packing them off to a hotel with their partners - will have titillated some viewers while shocking others.
Will we still be as titillated by these cross-dressing tropes, or will they seem hopelessly retro?