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The Anti-Oxidizing Shave Cream for Hairy Beasts contains essential pomegranate oil, which oxidizes and titillates the beard follicles, making it easier to line up and trim beard hair, while the Mentholating Shave Cream for Clean Shaven Beasts features natural eucalyptus oil, which stimulates beard follicles to stand erect while softening them to ensure a smooth and close shave.
WILL DOWNING never disappoints his fans, and that holds true for his latest release, Soul Symphony (GP/Universal), a soulful, jazzy set that soothes, enthralls and titillates. Downing kicks off the set with the sensual "Put Me On," followed by the romantic slow groove "Crazy Love," the first single from the CD.
But when I see the new stadium, it titillates me to go on.' Meanwhile, Bayern are being linked with a move for Marseille defender Abdoulaye Meite and Celtic centre-half Bobo Balde
He high-fives chauffeurs and shopkeepers alike; hoards trivia but doesn't understand why calling his cat a "pussy" so titillates the bullies at school; and concocts many wondrous inventions, such as the birdseed shirt, which allows people to fly, and the intelligent ambulance, which reassures passersby that the injured party is not someone they love.