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(439) "Toweromania" is likewise titillatingly described and fleshed out by way of precise literary example:
With the exception of the last chapter, Thirteen, titillatingly and misleadingly titled, "If You'll Put Your Head Between Marisa's Legs ..." the remaining five chapters of Vaughn's autobiography, Chapters Eight through Twelve, serve as an historical record of the turbulent years of the 1960s where in Vaughn describes his involvement with the antiwar movement.
And when push comes to shove, as it did with Katrina, the Janus-faced nature of exoticism is always revealed; what is titillatingly strange becomes disturbingly so.
Commenting on the 'wholly pointless presence of several nude women and a plethora of heterosexual acts,' they argue it is not accidental that 'while Russell's camera lingers titillatingly on the heterosexual acts, when the homosexual ones are to take place he cuts away.' (37) Similarly, as the performance of the play progresses, both the Page and Wilde become narratively and visually pushed to the margins: Herod, having collapsed on the divan on which Wilde and the Page were watching the play, displaces Wilde as the main spectator of Salome/Salome, a displacement which continues with their absence in subsequent shots and their exit from the room, after which the Page is not seen again.
Still no answers, but a deliciously meaty dollop of weird-out, titillatingly sinister TV.
Meanwhile, having passed through these ages I'm finally starting to twig what those brash birthday cards that titillatingly talk of 'the dirty thirties' are on about.
(36) The prima donnas celebrated and satirized "whims" frequently originated in a dedication to artistic standards, a refusal to compromise, and a shrewd awareness of her market value--a value that accrued from her tireless work and discipline (Callas's exhausting perfectionism is legendary), (37) but which the media more titillatingly attributed to the decidedly more flamboyant categories of "charisma, genius, and mystique" (Christiansen 10-11).
in every tooth" brings the pain of the fire extremely close, inside a bodily orifice, as does the vivisecting description "every tendon scurries toward the twangs." Yet despite the pain this language connotes (or more properly, because of it), the passage also mixes the fire's destructive power with a patently erotic image--its "splay tongues" that titillatingly "lick" or bite (with "red fangs") Maquokeeta's exposed body.
For reasons I will delineate shortly, internal critique--I warn you now--is going to occupy my attention for quite a few pages, which means we are still a long way off from encountering the ecstatic self-shattering you so titillatingly seek.
Despite their political, religious, and social illiberality, such publications were, as Jones quotes Charlotte Bronte, titillatingly "full of miracles and apparitions, of preternatural warnings, ominous dreams, and frenzied fanaticism" (136).
Ellen Schiff in her survey, titillatingly entitled "Sinners, Scandais, Scoundrels, and Scamps on the American Jewish Stage," practically eliminates the boundaries between literary text and performance.