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Whilst I found this to be an interesting voyeuristic read, the presentation of the information itself makes it more suitable for titillation or entertainment than any serious academic study.
There is plenty of gratuitous titillation and tabloid exaggeration, but amid the garishness the weekly magazines have shone their torches into Japan's darkest corners, illuminating for the common reader everything from top-level bribery to nuclear cover-ups to food-labeling seams.
Its theology of culture starts with grace as drama, wherein grace is identified with intense sensation, excitation, episodic excess, and titillation.
Nominally "color-blind" casting, she demonstrates through precise analysis and provocative illustrations, continues to restrict black men and white women to "misogynist Figurations of a woman's sexual besmirching or 'blackening', with all the voyeuristic (and potentially racist) titillation such a spectacle provides" (178).
The sex, for instance, was an issue that had to move beyond the titillation factor.
SEXUAL EXPRESSION IS ONE OF THOSE topics that tends to elicit raised eyebrows in some, wide-eyed titillation in many, and certainly interest from most.
These were all marginal people - wanderers and mountebanks whose normal stock in trade was deformity, perversion, and sexual titillation.
The linkage of same-sex desire with exoticism, pride, self-indulgence, and opposition to true religion, along with a secret fear of - and titillation by - it, is thus at least as old as the story of Pelagius and as familiar as a Hollywood biblical epic.
The music for Drawn That Way was still amplified as though ears had gone out of style, but Petronio is beginning to realize that choreography is about dancing and not about titillation.
This scenic sense is best characterized as an astute understanding of the necessary ratios between novelistic substance and sensationalism, titillation, or romance.
The titillation of McClintick's naming names - crooked lawyers, money-laundering bankers, inept DEA officials engrossed in petty disputes, several of whom still live in the area - has not been enough to draw people into local bookstores.
If these titillation aids are a secret purchase, keep them well hidden, otherwise you may come home to a partner with a puzzled frown on his face as he tries to work out how to use your swanky new clackers.