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As its subtitle indicates, Danny Shipka's Perverse Titillation canvasses European exploitation cinema during its two-decade heyday, between the collapse of prevailing censorship norms and the advent of home video, when directors such as Lucio Fulci, Jess Franco, and Jean Rollin stoked an international appetite for sexy and gory "Eurocult" movies.
With fans have come detractors, including Mike Judge of the Christian Institute, who finds the project "wholly inappropriate" and thinks "it is turning the Bible into titillation."
Titillation, comedy, music, poetry and dance from Miss Foo Foo La Belle and Co.
Her new album, Dark Fades Into The Light, should vanish the titillation factor of Sandrine's background.
I'm sure that nonsense like this has a titillation factor, but it does nothing to further a reasoned dialogue concerning the future of the wine industry, here or anywhere else.
I am not a prude, I enjoy a bit of titillation, but Ruddy Hell is downright disgusting and unnecessary, and certainly not comedy and an insult to the memories of the great Laurel and Hardy.
As this situation has little resonance with modern audiences raised on Sex in the City and Desperate Housewives, much of the titillation found at the time of its premiere is lost.
The added bonus videos add a spicy degree of titillation ...
I call you my base." This provocative remark offers a certain titillation, but does nothing to inform the untutored viewer as to the nature and purposes of the real Power Elite.
In both those situations, titillation in this most intimate of spheres depended on complete anonymity, on impersonal objectification.
The chapter on Burton and Speke is fascinating (although the speculation about the exact nature of their personal relationship seems pure titillation).
Whilst I found this to be an interesting voyeuristic read, the presentation of the information itself makes it more suitable for titillation or entertainment than any serious academic study.