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TITLE DEEDS. Those deeds which are evidences of the title of the owner of an estate.
     2. The person who is entitled to the inheritance has a right to the possession of the title deeds. 1 arr. & Marsh. 653.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Pridegrove's deed plan was the same as the one Southfork had surrendered to the Lands commissioner while applying for a lease extension.City Hall, the Commissioner for Lands and the Registrar of Titles all denied issuing Pridegrove with a title deed for the land.
George Mouskides, Chairman of the Cyprus Property Owners Association said there is also the psychological aspect, as although a title deed could be issued thanks to recent amendments in laws regarding property transactions, buyers are put off by the uncertainty surrounding these properties.
In scenarios where the title deed for a unit has been issued, the customer does not need to register a caveat.
The Sultanate of Oman ranked second on the scale with the number of cases of property title deed acquisitions by attracting more than 3,000 in Oman, that is 21% of the grand total.
Susan Dinor, Managing Director, Dinor Real Estate Consultants said:"Buyers, particularly expats have an increased sense of security if their property has a title deed. Majority of the banks in UAE offer mortgages to only properties with title deeds.
When the missionaries left the country, the Catholic Archdiocese of Nyeri formalised the ownership by acquiring a title deed for the river and the land in which it passes through.SECURE RIVERThe main reason for acquiring a title deed was to secure it from any damage or contamination by locals.
The post Title deeds: don't hold your breath just yet (web) appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
MANAMA: Dadabhai Group has begun transfer of title deeds to home owners in the Seef Terraces freehold project.
The 40,028 transactions registered in the first nine months of this year included 11,747 title deed transactions, 2,436 mortgage transactions and 28,845 other transactions.
The first clear message extracted from statements made by the speakers was that the buyer is at risk when they buy property for which there is no title deed.
Mohammed Abdul Ghaffar Al Kooheji, the owner's representative at The Developers, handed over the freehold apartment title deed to its first customer Saeed Mohamed Bakeer at a recent ceremony.
Following a decree published in the Official Gazette, the Ministry of Finance increased the private consumption tax (EuTV) on alcoholic beverages as well as title deed fees, which came into effect as on Sept.