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In a display inscription of Shalmaneser III from the ekal masarti ("Fort Shalmaneser") at Calah, the titulary is followed by the following description of the king:
If the determinative URU was specifically chosen for use in his titulary in the Cyrus Cylinder, it leads to the question why the determinative KUR was used in the titulary in the Ur inscription--or by Nabonidus, for that matter?
47) All other references to Naqia date to her time as queen mother, and in several of these texts she refers to herself with full-blown titulary as the MI.
Hornung then describes the early years of the king, observing that on accession, Akhenaten immediately broke with tradition, omitting any references to Amun in his titulary, centering his building program on Karnak and dedicating his structures to the sun-god, shifting the iconography from static representations to representations of movement, and eschewing the kinds of military activities that customarily heralded the beginning of a new reign.
Berman's chapter one is a straightforward account of the reign of Amenhotep III with due attention paid to the solar aspects of his titulary and jubilees.