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El hallazgo e interpretacion de un titulus pictus en el Edificio del Atrio de Carthago Nova (conventus Carthaginiensis, Hispania citerior) permite retomar (7) el debate sobre la recesion experimentada en los ss.
402 if original but later if restored), probably refers to the titulus Pudentis rather than to the female saint.
Above Jesus' head, on the titulus, Chagall writes the Latin acronym "INRI" and, in jumbled Hebrew and Aramaic, "Jesus the Nazarene, king of the Jews.
The legations of Gregory, Cardinal-Deacon of the titulus of Sant'Angelo, from 1192-4 and 1196-7, demonstrate that the activities of the medieval church in the peninsula were concerned with demonstrating the power of a papacy dealing with all levels of society, in all of its functions.
Luther called it a thing in name only (res de solo titulo), even a name without a substance, an empty name (immo titulus sine re), since the freedom of the servurn arbitrium is merely a freedom bestowed by grace.
Gradually, discovery and symbolic annexation, termed by John Milton in 1655 as giving rise to an imaginarius titulus (imaginary title), (36) were replaced with the requirement to take actual, effective occupation of a territory.
En Andelo,por el momento, solo se conocen tres: un miliario de Adriano, un titulus musiuus y una consagracion a Apolo (HEp1, 491, HEp3, 266 y HEp5, 631), a los que, quiza, se pueda unir un fragmento datado de forma generica entre los siglos I-II d.
cites lemmata for various Latin words, from aedituor, to templum, to titulus, Titus and tutulus, some more fanciful than others.
Non dubito, quin titulus libri nostri raritate sua quamplurimos alliciat ad legendum: inter quos nonnulli obliquae opinionis, mente languidi, multi etiam maligni, et in ingenium nostrum ingraft accedent, qui temeraria sua ignorantia, vix conspecto titulo clamabunt: Nos vetita docere, haeresium semina jacere: piis auribus offendiculo, praeclaris ingeniis scandalo esse.
Raro tamen aut nunquam admittendus est talis titulus, nisi ubi intercedunt occisiones hominum innocentum, et similes injuriae: quare potius titulus hic revocatur ab bellum defensivum, quam aggressivum" (DB.
Jo nuomone, "bet koks bandymas--nepriklausomai nuo formos--slopinti, atimti titulus, niokoti, rekvizuoti turta ir naikinti aukstuomene, <.