to bring to completion

See: consummate
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Shirley Ayorkor Botchway extended to Jhinaoui an official invitation to Accra in a bid to bring to completion the "excellent" work started in Tunisia.
Jesus' mission is to fulfill or to bring to completion the Word of God, to its smallest details.
Arseniy Yatsenyuk appealed to those present at the meeting to join efforts and with participation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Police, the State Fiscal Service and State Financial Monitoring Service and the entire enforcement sector "to bring to completion the criminal proceedings against heads of the state-owned companies in every case where there were revealed facts of actual abuse by officials or heads of companies."
While the initial physical interaction is quite productive and resolves thematic and formal concerns, the next phase is time-consuming and may take up to several months to bring to completion.
3 : to bring to completion <They'll round out the season with a win.>
This is a project that they have helped shape and will work to bring to completion. It will be a model of how cooperation can work in an honest way."
This is going to be work that takes several years to bring to completion."
Right now, Gargano is trying to bring to completion the expansion of the Javits Center and the construction of the Moynihan Train Station, as well as the redevelopment of lower Manhattan, however sluggish its pace might be.
But far from being slowed down, he's still hard at work putting the finishing touches on grandiose projects that need just a little extra attention to bring to completion. He recently traveled to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he recorded with a symphony orchestra one of his recent works, Piazzolana, a concerto for bandoneon and orchestra written in memory of the Argentine tango composer.
Ferrari proposes to bring to completion the unfinished project toward the autonomy and plurality of political, social, and cultural spaces and contexts which had defined Italy in the past as the "nation" of republics or city-states, the "nation" of regional dialects.
The move is intended to bring to completion works of Sfax-Gabes, Gabes-Medenine and Medenine-Ras Jedir highways by early 2020.