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Before him he saw the straight lines of the shafts which constantly deceived him into thinking they were on a well-travelled road, and the horse's swaying crupper with his knotted tail blown to one side, and farther ahead the high shaft-bow and the swaying head and neck of the horse with its waving mane.
Nikita silently got out of the sledge and holding his coat, which the wind now wrapped closely about him and now almost tore off, started to feel about in the snow, going first to one side and then to the other.
Peel and shave the candied beetroot and put to one side.
It is obvious the agreement of 2009 is one-sided, since all privileges are granted to one side - Centerra Gold Inc.
It has been designed for three options - to apply a liquid/coating to one side of the fabric; to apply a liquid to both sides of the fabric; and to apply a liquid to one side and a different liquid to the other side.
We have put Saturday to one side and we will let the authorities deal with it," said McDonnell.
Usually, if one part of the brain is missing the patient can only see to one side.
3 : to one side <a sideways move> <The statue fell sideways.