to the contrary

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It appears that, despite government efforts to the contrary, credit in the non-bank shadow banking system continues to rise rapidly," Deloitte said on Monday in a near-term outlook piece on the region .
Despite millennia of moral teachings to the contrary, some people are going to murder, rape, mutilate, and torture others, and there seems to be no certain way to predict who will, or to prevent them from doing so.
Indeed, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, alcohol is not perceived by most Americans as being particularly dangerous.
As such, taxpayers can be reasonably assured that the courts in those circuits will uphold taxpayers' reliance on revenue rulings, unless there is clear statutory language to the contrary.
Gruner makes a very compelling case for the Consecration of Russia not having been done as asked for by Our Lady, and doubt there were assurances to the contrary by our beloved Pope or Sr.