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He cringed before Dirkovitch as instinctively as he had pressed the spring of the candlestick, sought the picture of the drum-horse, and answered to the toast of the Queen.
s Aunt's demeanour when she had finished her piece of toast, was a loud and prolonged sniff.
I do wish I could have a nice room like this, and a cat and a bird that would n't eat each other up, and a dear little teakettle, and make just as much toast as I like.
I don't care for the toast and the kettle, but I do envy you your good spirits, Polly," said Fanny, as the merriment subsided.
The Gradual Toast involves a longer toast time, but with steadily increasing temperatures.
Breakfast: Cereal bar, mixed fruit, toast, milk, juice
Staves are then pre-heated before undergoing a light toast.
I'm here with my two-year-old so, naturally, beans on toast is a winner for him from the junior menu for PS3.
The food has a full 24 hours that praises it, known as National French Toast Day.
based company describes the available recipes: Brussels Sprouts Salad Grilled Toast, using flavorful ingredients such as smoky bacon, fried Brussels sprouts and zesty lemon atop new, thinly-sliced Crusty Sports Bread; Sweet Farmhouse Country Toast with Figs and Honey using local ingredients, including honey and bee pollen, to leverage the farm-to-table trend; and Sweet Farmhouse Country Toast using a base of multigrain Farmhouse Country Loaf is loaded with a multitude of ingredients, including flax seeds, banana chips, apple pieces and toasted soy grits.
IThe US-born food writer has devoted an entire book to the topic of toast and perfect toppings - and as Toast: The Cookbook proves, the possibilities are endless, providing you're willing to put a little effort in and get creative.
THE TOAST: 3/4inch-thick slices country-style bread 240ml labneh Lebanese-style) yoghurt or plain Greek yoghurt 4tbsp toasted and roughly chopped pistachios salt b3e MAKE THE SAFFRON HONEY: Toast the saffron in a frying pan over medium heat, shaking the pan often, until saffron is fragrant - this should take 30 seconds to one minute.