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The team said that they conducted a series of 150 experiments using gas and electric stoves and electric toaster ovens to determine their impacts on indoor levels of nano-sized particles.
A couple of categories showing significant changes include Waffle Iron/Sandwich Makers, Coffee Grinders, and Toaster Ovens.
The toaster oven was preheated to 300-350 degrees, about five minutes before the first student was ready to begin.
I took the toaster oven home, and I used the money Lenny left me to pay off my car loan.
Baker says the elements are similar to those found in a toaster oven, and they heat target compounds enough that they burn.
The breakfast finger food item -- which features a crispy crust filled with cheese sauce, scrambled eggs, ham, green pepper and onion -- may be prepared either in a toaster or toaster oven.
The morning after the [op-ed] ran, I came into my office to find a toaster oven on my desk from a fellow out state representative.
A: Two functioning toasters, one toaster oven, and a long fork we use to burn bread in the fireplace.
Bring in a small toaster oven or move the class to the homeeconomics room to experiment with recipes that use either baking soda and an acid or baking powder.
These teams of insect-like robots are about the size of a toaster oven, can be mass-produced at low cost and have minimal intelligence.
At first it was fun for Jamie and Andy because we taught them how to use sharp knives, the can opener, the blender, the stove, the microwave and the toaster oven.
You'll also find them handy for extracting toast from a toaster oven.