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It is just a squidgy bean-type thing that functions in a similar way to natural cartilage and allows much more movement in the toe than a traditional 'fusion' operation would.
Hammer toe is the commonest deformity of the lesser toes.
Domestic crude oil production reached one million 597 thousand toe in late August 2015.
The originators of the corporate dress code were right, after all: a woman in heels, toes covered, commands a strong, awesome presence worthy of deference and respect, while a woman with toes peeking out her shoes looks flighty and irresponsible.
The company recently announced completion of the Motion Study, a 236 patient, randomised, prospective study of the company's synthetic cartilage implant for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the great toe.
Rest the toe by not walking or standing for too long.
The inventor has developed a working prototype of the Toe Protectors that has been utilized with success over the years.
Sheehan added that if the second toe on left foot leans towards the big toe, then the person has a sentimental, nostalgic nature.
They are only expected to let the toe touch their lips while finishing the drink.
Shoes that narrow towards the toe may make your foot look smaller, but they also push the smaller toes into a bent position.
Warren said: "He shouldn't be in the fight if he had a broken toe.
Warren told BBC Radio 5 Live's Sportsweek programme: "He shouldn't be in the fight if he had a broken toe.