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TOFT. A place or piece of ground on which, a house formerly stood, which has been destroyed by accident or decay; it also signifies a messuage.

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In addition to these three new MH-60R TOFTs that entered service for the Navy, CAE USA also recently delivered an MH-60R/S TOFT to Naval Air Facility Atsugi, Japan.
Jabob and Tom Tofts, West Chiltington, West Sussex.
in the 1980s, Sanday was a hive of archaeological activity, boasting not only John Hunter's investigations behind the cliff-section at Pool (1983-88) but also Stephen Dockrill's work on the machair at Tofts Ness (1985-88).
COVENTRY: Russell' Montague, Geraghty (Dixon, 56) Sanders, Toft (Takarangi, 61)' Dorrian, Walls (James, 51)' Rimmer (Wyn-Davies, 51) Protherough (Friswell, 40) Tres-ton (Brits, 51) Tonkin, Nimmo, Venter, Johnson (Campton, 61), Rheeders.
Tofts, affectionately known as OToffeeO, bet under the name Walter Prince and had pitches at Ascot, Cheltenham, Chepstow, Chester, Epsom, Windsor, Newbury and the Lincolnshire track.
In addition to the upgrade to the first F/A-18E/F WTT, the initial contract awarded to Link earlier in 2003 also calls for building one new F/A-18E/F Tactical Operational Flight Trainer (TOFT) and upgrading an existing F/A-18E/F TOFT with the company's SimuSphere visual system display.
A nine-facet SimuSphere visual system display will provide pilots operating each of the F/A-18C TOFTs with a 360-degree out-the-window field-of-view of sky, terrain and targets.
Through this scheme, founded by Vic Tofts and Dennis East, you can register your pets along with their pre-arranged nominated carer.
People living at John Tofts House in Leicester Row contacted Groundwork Coventry after David Cooke sowed the seeds of the idea to the John Tofts Residents' Association.