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Their "pride and strength," toiling beneath the African sun, inspired her.
Miners blackened from the dust in the pits, ship-builders toiling in the docks and ballet dancers exhausted from rehearsals.
In the first, Potter's unchecked imperialism has fashioned a purgatorial company town populated by dispirited serfs toiling and dying in their own potter's field.
Though Chapter 63 erected a flagpole and memorial at the site in the late 1970s, the only party toiling on the grounds for several years was the Adult Probation Community Services Department of Ohio's Hamilton County.
Here are some examples of how young people pitched in to help the rescue workers who are toiling tirelessly at the sites of destruction:
The book describes the fascinating struggles of maverick scientists and inventors toiling to overcome mechanical challenges and the efforts of bold entrepreneurs to make the industry economically feasible.
Unlike ballet, butoh was interested in bodies that are closer to the earth than to the sky, and the physical experience of peasants toiling in the field was an important inspiration.
He was toiling away, `heavy forkful after heavy forkful', throwing the manure off the tines of his fork in lines, `like spokes from the hub of a bicycle wheel'.
As witnessed by Pistone, daily life for the rank-and-file mobster is as dreary as toiling on an assembly line.
They paid glowing tributes to the late leader and recalled his struggle for economic freedom of the peasants and toiling people of this country.
Ironically, she only needed a run sixhundredths of a second faster to clinch a place in tonight's semi-finals, but she was always struggling after a reaction time of 0.154 out of the blocks left her toiling.
It's sad to see the SFL toiling - and they'll toil even more without Peter at the helm.