token payment

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In July 2001 a token payment of 10 cents per prescription was approved for pharmacists providing a "plain English" printout of the medication information given out with prescriptions.
The following year, a token payment of $10 was made for a 15-acre area on Clifton Road to house the operations.
Charlie, 41, made a token payment of pounds 1 to save the ex-halibut long liner from the scrapyard.
Company Names URLs Triad Commerce Bank: Security, Efficiency, and Trust in a bankcs7/index.htm Digital World (bank and certificate authority) QuickSafe: Safe, Easy E-Payments (debit payment system) Mon-E: The Anonymous Payment System (token payment system) tokencs7/public_html/ Secure: The Smart Choice in Payment Systems (credit payment secure.html system) OMI: Online Marketing, Inc.
They operate on a shoestring 24 hours a day, seven days a week, surviving only on donations and the odd token payment from grateful pet owners.
To prevent a lawsuit, a token payment will be made to everyone from entry-level to CEO--unless the individual was caught with his or her hand in the till.
In token payment for its services, the News-Journal received $1.
Ministry officials say the token payment will allow the government to circumvent the rule prohibiting free distribution of the seedlings.
To ease the token payment process and save citizens' time, the E and T department had set up an online interface with Pakistan Post for collection of token tax at its designated branches, the official sources told reporter on Tuesday.
Only a token payment has to be paid and it is a common practice in the UAE,' said the ex-finance minister.
The Court of Appeal yesterday ordered the city's Eversheds law firm to make the token payment. A judge ruled Eversheds should have sent a summary note when it came to advising the airport board of a controversial PS8m bonus package which the then chief executive John Parkin, pictured, effectively put together for himself and a colleague.
Do speak to your creditors and don't just offer them a 'token payment.' They may accept it temporarily but your loan will still be in default.