token payment

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Ministry officials say the token payment will allow the government to circumvent the rule prohibiting free distribution of the seedlings.
The Court of Appeal yesterday ordered the city's Eversheds law firm to make the token payment.
As far as services are concerned, a token payment is usually made online and the rest is paid to the merchant directly.
It is Prison Service policy that those who participate in work and training should receive a token payment.
PEOPLE have been quick to jump on high street stores who charge a small token payment for plastic carrier bags.
There is no interim dividend, but chief executive Matthew Ingle hinted that a token payment may be on the cards.
The current award of pounds 10,000, designed to be a token payment, should remain for the deceased person's spouse, civil partner or cohabitant, and to parents of an unmarried child over 18, ministers suggested in the consultation paper.
The staff employed on several Anglesey County Council-run projects, including a cafe open to the public, currently receive a token payment of 80p per day for their efforts.
True, they sometimes claim to submit a token amount of money to a selected needy cause, but in my opinion, pounds 50 per ton is in fact a token payment from the money this amount of goods will generate.
The fee is regarded by the BBC as an "honorarium", or token payment at pounds 1,300 an hour for the annual show over the last 27 years.
We want to end the out-dated view of people with learning disabilities in sheltered workshops receiving a token payment.