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TOKEN, contracts, crimes. A document or sign of the existence of a fact.
     2. Tokens are either public or general, or privy tokens. They are true or false. When a token is false and indicates a general intent to defraud, and it is used for that purpose, it will render the offender guilty of the crime of cheating; 12 John. 292; but if it is a mere privy token, as counterfeiting a letter in another man's name, in order to cheat but. one individual, it would not be indictable. 9 Wend. Rep. 182; 1 Dall. R. 47; 2 Rep. Const. Cr. 139; 2 Virg. Cas. 65; 4 Hawks, R. 348; 6 Mass. IR. 72; 1 Virg. Cas. 150; 12 John. 293; 2 Dev. 199; 1 Rich. R. 244.

TOKEN, commercial law. In England, this name is given to pieces of metal, made in the shape of money, passing among private persons by consent at a certain value. 2 Adolph. P. S. 175; 2 Chit. Com. Law, 182.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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I am not suggesting that tokenism played a significant role in Lincoln Alexander's admirable and accomplished career.
One issue that seemed to have been settled early on was that, in order for a college admissions program to be successful, it had to move beyond tokenism to seriously address internal practices and traditions that had not only excluded students of color at the door, but that also resulted in faculties and staffs that were almost completely white.
"Like you, we don't want tokenism," said one member of Youth United for Community Action.
Setting quotas might blast a path through the tokenism that has often characterized the debate and bring boardroom representation in line with broad employment trends.
* Go beyond tokenism. "The full promise of diversity can only be realized if there is a critical mass of individuals with diverse perspectives."
Nerve 1: The tokenism in this article given to the roles of volunteers.
But why did a party spokesman feel the need to insist there was no "tokenism" in this appointment?
In a March 6 editorial, the prominent evangelical Christian publication criticized "cultural decay" in society, but warned that the current Ten Commandments craze smacks of a fad and lends itself to "tokenism in religion."
I'm wary of tokenism. Having been both perpetrator and victim, I've come to believe tokenism is more sinful than virtuous, regardless of motivation, because it is a lie, an image used to cloak reality.
To hold a candles-andchampagne party indoors for just one hour, shows that the whole thing is green tokenism. Moreover, both candles and champagne emit carbon dioxide.
The Hatters manager sparked outrage when he described the use of women officials in the game as "tokenism, for the politically-correct idiots".