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We want to believe in something larger than ourselves--something or someone who can do what we cannot: be pure of spirit, be generous of heart and mete out fairness and justice in an in tolerably unfair and unjust world.
In 1833, Reverend Cockran claimed that fifteen girls in his school were learning to spin and that he had purchased buffalo hair "which, when wove, makes tolerably good cloth" (A77, Cockran to Secretaries, 25 July 1833).
"We can look at things pragmatically and independently and tell you how you can operate your plant in the most tolerably safe way."
At that time it had 'upwards of 150 homes and some tolerably good buildings'.
to derive the constants for the equation where k is time dependent, calculated values for residual radiocarbon agree tolerably well with the observed values considering the uncertainties in the values of [N.sub.obs] and t used to derive the constants A and B.
Despite all the hand-wringing from the financial controller, we didn't overspend and, against the odds, the HR manager's speech to open the proceedings left the audience tolerably well disposed to staying with the company.
During my week with the pounds 23,050 car, in Initiale trim, the engine proved a strong performer and tolerably quiet, although some of the rivals, particularly the Vectra, is smoother.
It is Piper's contention that "the failure of many Christian leaders to see the magnitude of error in open theism has left churches and denominations and schools with no clear boundary between what is tolerably Christian and what is not" (p.11).
Then came the 1960s and a new social ethic began to emerge, one that was not very social at all, but rather glorified independence from conventions of every sort, including those that, whatever their flaws, had enabled people to get along tolerably well.
Yet it hit me harder than usual that good ethics can depend, too, on noting which facts make up states of affairs that are tolerably independent of anyone's desires or schemes, and which reflect fantasies someone has been able to make real.
Many critics of the Bush policy have nonetheless argued that the United States, having created the mess, needs to remain until Iraq is tolerably stable.
The book is intended as an introduction for students to the growing field of work and learning, theory and practice, and it achieves that purpose tolerably well.