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The finance ministry statement explained that if the average inflation is more than the upper tolerance level of six per cent or less than the lower tolerance level of two per cent for any three consecutive quarters, it would mean a failure to achieve the inflation target.
In other words, NNs can quantitatively analyze complex patterns within existing business process controls and thus predict the optimal number and mix of automated, manual, and hybrid controls to mitigate the risk of material misstatements at an agreed-upon risk tolerance level. This may not only identify and eliminate unnecessary controls, but it also may increase independent auditors' comfort level in classifying more business processes as low risk for material misstatement, thus reducing the total number of business processes they need to document and retest.
The table at bottom lists the various human tolerance levels research has demonstrated, as well as the inertial response experienced.
In our implementation, students created their own questions, and they formed a hypothesis on the required tolerance level for the type of toy to be optimally functional, considering the motor skills of a child.
I would say my tolerance level is quite high considering I have tolerated my neighbours with the way they throw their garbage in the skip (for 2 years now), oh...not even in the skip because even if the skip's cover is open, they would (perhaps their helpers) still leave the bags on the ground.
Passing sentence, the judge Recorder Mr James Guthrie QC criticised the Bournville-based confectioner for its "lack of scrutiny" in adopting a new product testing system which introduced an "allowable tolerance level" of salmonella contamination.
The court also heard the food poisoning alert followed a decision by Cadbury to change its product testing systems to allow a "tolerance level" of salmonella cells in its chocolate.
"I would agree with Terrie Lloyd--that a year or three in a Japanese company is OK, in terms of career; and if you have a high tolerance level, it is culturally interesting to stay on, if often frustrating at the same time." However, shifting from 'visitor' status to that of a 'local' can be disadvantageous.
The FDA, however, has not established a tolerance level for quintozene in ginseng and oversaw confiscation of a ginseng shipment containing quintozene in the past year.
Bunting: Although everyone in our profession has access to the same information about trends and developments, each firm has its own tolerance level for embracing change and its attendant risks.
Use the data collected to make sure your company adheres to the risk tolerance level that has been defined.