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In the minority's view, Canadians are not inclined to tolerate the commercial exploitation of sexual activities, which is contrary to a number of values of the Canadian community, such as equality, liberty and human dignity.
New drugs that are easier to tolerate and more effective will change the way we approach this disease.
Just as you have vowed to not tolerate anyone among you who violates the honor code, you should vow not to allow a cadet to remain in your ranks whose weak character permits him to perpetrate such crimes against fellow cadets.
I have developed severe food allergies, and cannot tolerate pesticides in foods.
Dickson took the view that it was up to virtuous judges like himself to protect the public from harmful obscenities that most Canadians might tolerate.
At the most effective dose studied, the new regimen is often so toxic that many patients, especially those over age 60, cannot tolerate it.
It seems Catholics must now suppress adherence to our Faith's teachings in order to accommodate and tolerate blatant disobedience.
An osteoporosis medication -- long-term or otherwise -- can work only if a patient can tolerate the medication.
In 34 cases, patients either responded well to early therapy or couldn't tolerate such a drastic operation.