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TOLERATION. In some. countries, where religion is established by law, certain sects who do not agree with the established religion are nevertheless permitted to exist, and this permission is called toleration. Those are permitted and allowed to remain rather as a matter of favor than a matter of right.
     2. In the United States, there is no such a thing as toleration, all men have an equal right to worship God according to the dictates of their own consciences. See Christianity; Conscience; Religious test.

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The return of Henry Crawford, and the arrival of William Price, had much to do with it, but much was still owing to Sir Thomas's more than toleration of the neighbourly attempts at the Parsonage.
We must not strain the toleration of the French authorities too much
Presently his African servant approached him, and at once their thoughts changed to a larger toleration.
She felt she had made almost too many allowances, and apologized hurriedly for her toleration.
I had another uneasiness, in the application of the painful story to the poor half-witted creature who had brought us there; but, to my surprise, she seemed perfectly unconscious of that and only led the way upstairs again, informing us with the toleration of a superior creature for the infirmities of a common mortal that her landlord was "a little M, you know
There was a strong assumption of superiority in this Puritanic toleration, hardly less trying to the blond flesh of an unenthusiastic sister than a Puritanic persecution.
I can only discover this by affecting a toleration for these people's society, which I can assure you, if you are curious about the matter, is wholly assumed.
Doctor Starkweather rose slowly to his feet, with the air of a person whose capacity of toleration had reached its last limits.
The very general toleration of foreign religions, the regard paid to the means of education, the freedom of the press, the facilities offered to all foreigners, and especially, as I am bound to add, to every one professing the humblest pretensions to science, should be recollected with gratitude by those who have visited Spanish South America.
In especial, there is complete religious toleration, except for atheism, and except for those who urge their opinions with offensive violence.
With respect to what is past," he says, "I have, like all discerning ones, great toleration, that is to say, GENEROUS self-control.
To this encouragement, offered with the indulgent toleration of a wise and liberal expert, Miss Twinkleton would rejoin, reddening: