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TOLLS. In a general sense, tolls signify any manner of customs, subsidy, prestation, imposition, or sum of money demanded for exporting or importing of any wares or merchandise, to be taken of the buyer. 2 Inst. 58.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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I tolled my bell--how, or how long, I don't know--and ran home to bed as fast as I could touch the ground.
Fuel costs are bad enough without the added worry of bridge tolls."
The maintenance and operation' of the International Bridge is totally self-funded, primarily from tolls collected.
Federal law currently prohibits the use of tolls on existing interstate highway lanes, with two exceptions.
DRIVERS using the Mersey tunnels are facing a fresh 10p hike in tolls.
Since 1935, commuters have been paying tolls on the Grand Island bridges.
Department of Transportation officials have estimated they will be getting about $30 million in net toll revenue after operating costs each year from the Western Turnpike tolls and an additional $140 million in after expenses annually from tolls on the Turnpike extension, Tobin bridge and airport tunnels, which will be available for use on the project.
He will be joining protesters on a bridge above the motorway next week, as they display 'Scrap The Tolls' banners and placards.
He will be joining protestors on a bridge above the motorway next week, as they display "Scrap The Tolls" banners and placards.
It may seem strange to us today, but at one time in Middlesbrough there were several private roads which demanded tolls if you wanted to use them for almost anything other than walking.
The reasons he suggested for the Tory Party not removing tunnel tolls are that the toll at Swinford is low, that the Swinford toll creates a traffic "bottleneck", that the Mersey Tunnels cost a lot of money to run and that local council taxpayers would object if they had to bear the cost of toll free tunnels.
The company plans to adopt a system to charge tolls based on the distance traveled instead of a flat fee.