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Five subjective metrics, including loudness, sharpness, tonality, spectral centroid and Kurtosis, are analyzed for the cases with various gear faults.
The case for thinking about the free-verse line in relation to tonality becomes especially clear when we note that linguists often capture the tonality of ordinary discourse, like that below, through a transcription method that apportions a single intonational phrase per line.
Tonality and Transformation provides an indispensible mediation between the mathematical and musical, while also defining the essence of analytical pluralism.
In other words, the wandering or change of tonality was the error.
Most ludicrous among them are the goldfish bowl-facilitated conversation - meaning to discuss something while sitting in a circular pattern - and tonality - which simply refers to an item's meaning.
In particular, I find distracting Taylor's invocation of the discovery of the New World as background to the rise of tonality and opera.
The same message can have a different meaning by tonality and accent.
His sense of melody is well-honed and Bollani's gentle touch lies well within the tradition of jazz, with a strong trace of classical tonality.
Ditto "Krack," with its staccato Kraftwerk-like beats and wobbly tonality.
My recommendation was based on her need to have a really good system so that demo CDs of groups we were auditioning (I co-chair the music committee of the group) for our concerts could be reproduced with enough fidelity for her to evaluate the tonality of the players.
The vocalists delivers mostly a repertoire of standards, with well-embroidered harmonies and strong tonality.