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This is the spectral tone color range of /u/and /o/with occasional excursions of high treble voices into /[?
7], which is in the spectral tone color territory of /[?
This is the tone color territory of /i/to very bright /i/.
It is useful to explore the effects of vocal tract resonances (formants) on these tone color components.
The showroom will feature Okabashi's new Resort Thong and Resort Slide in two tone colors, featuring Okabashi's exclusive massaging footbed paired with an upper contrasting color in rich jewel tones such as hot pink, grass green, coral, hot chocolate and turquoise.
The packages include ultra-glossy Kromekote C1S in soft baby blue and pink, Carnival's saturated jewel tone colors and Benefit's soft pastels, fiber-added sheets and unique finishes.