tone down

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Producers apparently told choreographers to "tone down" a dance on the semi-final show, comparing it to the film Coyote Ugly, saying it's A-unsuitable for A-primetime TV.
(In our meeting, we were the only ones there and she told me: Secretary, with respect to you request, I hope you tone down the contents of your letter you are about to send.)
Sophie Halpin tweeted: "How has Abbey Clancy mysteriously developed a posh London accent when she's a Scouser?" Another fan posted: "Abbey Clancy trying to tone down her Scouse accent me thinks!
BEIRUT: MP Walid Jumblatt said rival political leaders needed to tone down their political rhetoric and engage in dialogue to prevent more violence from striking the country.
tone down : to soften or blend in color, appearance, or sound <Can you tone down the music?>
Your scribe should tone down his comments about British nationhood and his declared lack of respect for our head of state and her family.
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe -- and his right-wing supporters -- should tone down the nationalist rhetoric and unambiguously apologize for imperial aggression during World War II in their bid to amend Japan's pacifist Constitution, a major U.S.
Engineers also had to tone down the new engines torque performance--which now stands at 465 lb-ft.
POLITICIAN Liz O'Donnell has revealed that she loves glitz and glamour - but has to tone down for the stuffy corridors of power.
As antigay evangelical Christians, with all of their hang-ups about sex and the body, have gained power in America, there have been calls by some gays and allies to tone down our sexual culture in a bid to get more people on our side.
Gunnery Sergeant Harvey Walden IV presents Fighting Fit, Fighting Fat, a solid DVD 60 minute, full color, exercise workout routine for all ages designed to tone down the stomach, arms, buttocks, and thighs and assist in weight loss.