tone down

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The political, ethical and humanitarian responsibility requires all rival parties, even if they have regional and foreign extensions, to tone down the level of their political rhetoric," Jumblatt said in his weekly statement to be published Tuesday.
It wasn't a difficult decision for her to tone down the partying because she's committed to making the relationship work.
I love Hollywood glam and the chameleon qualities of Madonna but generally I have to tone down my look in real life.
She said: "We want to tone down the black and yellow symbol which can look quite harsh on TV and on conference sets.
But they wanted to tone down formality and include opportunities to show their own works.
Lisa is this priss who tries to get Damon to tone down his music because he's really wild.
The court noted that a reporter might tone down a critical article if she feared that jail officials might terminate or restrict her future access.
In earlier studies, VIP had been shown to tone down some Th1 action.
A BARBIE fan was told by police to tone down a window display after a complaint that some of the dolls were "inappropriately dressed".
Footballers have been told to tone down their language after a protest by the owners of their ground - a Mormon church.
Here, although Henderson offers a variety of practical explanations for specific developments, I feel that his determination to tone down earlier generalizations and to draw the foundations of Florentine charity back to the buon comune of Remigio de' Girolami, made him reluctant, despite the results his study yielded, to explore the possibility of a basic change in Florentine attitudes in the late Trecento, from celebration toward penance, from ad hoc civic charity to coordinated professional philanthropy.
The computer would then send back instructions to slow the fluid flow and tone down the pressure.