tone down

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BEIRUT: MP Walid Jumblatt said rival political leaders needed to tone down their political rhetoric and engage in dialogue to prevent more violence from striking the country.
A source said: "Kanye urged Kim to tone down her make-up and style her hair in a more conservative style, like Kate.
It wasn't a difficult decision for her to tone down the partying because she's committed to making the relationship work.
I love Hollywood glam and the chameleon qualities of Madonna but generally I have to tone down my look in real life.
Sometimes, though, to tone down the partying, some local bishops tried to institute fast days, especially just after the New Year, to stamp out pagan practice.
Sakamoto's stoic refusal to tone down his pro-imperial rhetoric and calls for systemic change finally forced the ruling shogunate to cede to his calls.
They are lively and in good taste and very popular and there is no question we would ask them to tone down their routines.
And of course, Bush insists that they need not tone down their religiosity while doing it.
She said: "We want to tone down the black and yellow symbol which can look quite harsh on TV and on conference sets.
But they wanted to tone down formality and include opportunities to show their own works.
Lisa is this priss who tries to get Damon to tone down his music because he's really wild.
The court noted that a reporter might tone down a critical article if she feared that jail officials might terminate or restrict her future access.