tone of voice

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What this work showed was that children could have access to understanding using simply the tone of voice," said study leader Dr Merideth Gattis, of Cardiff University's School of Psychology.
The academics found that babies reproduced the intended reaction regardless of whether they knew the language, suggesting that infants can determine meanings from tone of voice alone.
An individual sends messages not only through language and words but also by tone of voice, pitch, and inflection.
People who were expressive in tone of voice and facial expression were also socially expressive on Facebook.
But while 70 per cent of men judge a woman on looks, scientists claim 47 per cent of women (the biggest grouping) are spellbound by aman's tone of voice and manner of speech.
THE most interesting thing about the psychologists who've been a regular feature on BB in the past was how they all managed to deliver their verdicts in exactly the same tone of voice, week after week.
Postgraduate student Jonathan Bishop, who led the study, said the technology, which uses 3G mobile handsets, works by read-ing the facial expressions and tone of voice of the person being spoken to, and lets the person using the system know what they are feeling, something people with autism and social phobia sometimes find difficult to do.
They usually use written messages instead of spoken, because it is more neutral as there is no tone of voice to misinterpret.
And soon you jump to thinking about them outside the play, and a tone of voice tings a little false, and you realize, "Oh no, this is all wrong, the magic is falling apart
What do you say to a young woman of faith whose tone of voice and hurting eyes imply injustice?
Audio file storage and playback from within Enterprise 7 enables managers to hear verbatim comments in a customer's own words and tone of voice.
From Capriati's tone of voice, it seemed she didn't quite believe Henin-Hardenne's tale of woes.