tone of voice

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Babies taking part will be shown a series of pictures on a screen and played short sentences to find out if and how tone of voice can motivate them.
Creating a tone of voice involves following a straightforward process and developing guidelines that are fairly formulaic in their structure - it's the dos and don'ts of how your brand will use language to communicate with its customers.
Even during sleep, infants showed distinct patterns of brain activity depending on the emotional tone of voice we presented," said Graham.
Called "Brand language - Tone of voice the Wordtree way" it tackles the issue of how a brand has a personality, and what we can do to ensure that its personality is communicated.
What tone of voice does it to go even further than just writing well.
But I could hear by her tone of voice that this has been a great discussion.
Partly this is because they are unable to read facial expressions, tone of voice, body language and other signals used to judge a person's
So many of the tone of voice discussions we have with our clients revolve around how to simply write better.
I have been questioned by the person taking the call in a very sarcastic tone of voice saying: "Well, what exactly are they doing?
and from the sage perspective of a professional veterinarian ("Puppies know an 'I mean business' tone of voice when they hear it.
We all remember our favorite teachers fondly-their tone of voice, the way they demonstrate, their corrections.