tone of voice

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Eye contact, tone of voice and touch are important paralinguistic features that affect healthcare17.
Be mindful of your body language as you approach them and your tone of voice when you greet them.
Keywords should reflect the conversational tone of voice queries so the content will be found.
the website is being redeveloped in order to deliver on commercial objectives for ticket sales and membership conversion, as well as present the new tone of voice and content approach.
However, the study noted that in addition to accent, one's tone of voice is keenly observed.
Have you ever found yourself telling your teen not to take that tone of voice with you?
HORSES can read human emotions by correlating facial expression and tone of voice, research suggests.
The CEC pointed to the loud tone of voice and said it has hurt him.
55% of communication is body language, 38% is the tone of voice and 7% the actual words spoken.
Previous studies have shown that dogs are good at interpreting their owners' facial expressions and tone of voice. So a team at the University of Naples decided to examine whether they also pick up on nasal cues.
Laura Kuenssberg, on the BBC's Daily Politics, summed up May's announcement, deploying the expression "U-turn" many times, but doing so in that delightfully sneering and subliminally negative tone of voice she uses to put people down without upsetting the corporation.