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The actors don't help much by presenting a crazy sea of accents: Farrell tones down his normal Irish brogue, but Leto speaks like he's in a movie about the IRA and "the troubles." (He also sports eyeliner and floppy hair in one scene that make him a double for Avril Lavigne.) Val Kilmer, hamming it up madly, also serves up a faint taste of Lucky Charms.
In a series of smaller canvases, Handelman tones down his light fantastic in favor of a more introspective luminosity.
A raconteur accustomed to spraying ideas and invective as if they were the same thing, Moore isn't known for pulling back the reins, but Fahrenheit 9/11 tones down his blustery act, finding room for nuance in areas ranging from September 11 footage (the planes hit the buildings, but the screen is black) to his own onscreen presence (he narrates, but is largely invisible).