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Some high-ranking state department heads who couldn't stop obsessing with their Blackberries received quite the tongue-lashing from Governor Lynch, who called thin out for being "rude" during a mating on the state's new financial system.
But he better beware Rod who gave comic Russell Brand a tongue-lashing after he falsely claimed he bedded Kimberly.
Get in a fight with a gay man, and you may get a tongue-lashing, but you're not likely to end up with a black eye.
Ramsay's tongue-lashing, which came after losing patience with the former minister on Hell's Kitchen, is in a short list of TV treats from 2004.
The spokesman said recent remarks by Bush referring to North Korean leader Kim Jong Il as a tyrant were ''a base tongue-lashing that can be made only by the stupid.
It's just a week ago since Toon Army chairman Freddy Shepherd gave Sir Bobby and the squad a rare tongue-lashing.
I RECEIVED a Sunday Roast tongue-lashing from Baggies boss Gary Megson at the Gary Newbon bash last weekend.
Since Alsup's tongue-lashing, the Department of Interior has played another card in the controversy.
Laura probably aren't having a great time, millions of other listeners are vicariously savoring the verbal tongue-lashing handed out to somebody else.
Unfortunately, this means that just about anyone can be the target of a good tongue-lashing.
They also got a tongue-lashing from Javier that knocked some sense into them.
ANGRY voters queued up to give Enda Kenny a tongue-lashing yesterday - as bookies predicted a Fianna Fail/ Fine Gael coalition.