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7% of babies born during their research appeared to be tongue-tied but only 44% of those experienced feeding problems.
After he had been diagnosed, I went to see my family and my mother said she had been tongue-tied as a baby as well and I never knew.
If your baby is tongue-tied there are some good treatment options.
Indicative of how White supremacy works from within, two poems that serve as book ends for Part I of Tongue-Tied .
In place of the tongue-tied orator is a grieving parent who writes, in eloquent recollection of his long-lost daughter, Robin, "We need a girl.
When it comes to those hit by the Bedroom Tax, the PS12billion cuts to welfare and rising food and living costs, the PM minister is completely tongue-tied.
These include tongue-tied parents explaining the facts of life, adolescent chat-up lines, weird hospital speak, learning a foreign language, and an extended selection of song lyrics that range from the lazy through surreal to the ridiculous.
DID you see BBC newsreader Cat Shearer getting all confused and tongue-tied on Monday morning?
I was dumbstruck, tongue-tied, unable to say even "hello" to the great man.
The 36-year-old actor got tongue-tied when asked to do the Midland accent for a play.