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The Amazing Spider-Man's Andrew Garfield was almost left tongue-tied after being asked which other celebrity couple he and girlfriend Emma Stone would go on a double date with.
Where a tongue-tied baby is having difficulty breastfeeding, but mother and baby are not referred to an appropriately skilled carer, the problem can escalate to the baby being under-fed, failing to gain weight (with all associated sequelae) and great distress in the mother/parents.
Tongue-tied and lip-tied infants may develop significant breastfeeding problems impacting both the mother and the infant.
To be in with chance of winning, simply answer the following question: Where was Christiane's tongue-tied English teacher beau from?
He should have guessed by her smile that she was glad to see him, but he just stood there silently, a half smile on his lips, a couple of tongue-tied kids.
He added that being tongue-tied often led to speech problems too and work with a therapist when the child reached school age.
The Dr Who star said he got tongue-tied when asked to master a Midlands accent early in his acting career.
I never quite got over being a little bit tongue-tied in Julie's presence,'' he said.
In such a stultifying environment, the transition between tongue-tied exuberance and moribund silence is made in the blink of an eye; the intermediate opportunity to acquire a self-sustaining voice is forever missed.
Tongue-tied for the first time, the 7-4 favourite jumped into the lead two out and when his main rival Jordans Lad fell at the last, he came home by eight lengths from Impertio.
The sprawling lake with its even more sprawling name (we're only going to say it once)--Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg--is not for the tongue-tied.