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All this was attentively observed by the listeners, who exchanged looks of approbation; and the expressions of “ tonguey mati,” and “I guess Squire Lippet knows if anybody does,” were heard in different parts of the room, as vouchers for the admiration of his auditors.
Ay, my tonguey gentleman, I have seen father and mother and three children, yourself for one, published on the logs and stubs of the settlements, with dollars enough for reward to have made an honest man rich, for--"
The pair are playing the lead roles in the Romeo and Juliet ballet task and at one point, Orlaith had to dodge 23-year-old Anthony as he moved in for a tonguey kiss.
FANS and photographers at the Royal premiere of the lavish new British wartime film Enigma were treated to the unusual sight of rising star Dougray Scott grabbing his wife Sarah and giving her a prolonged, sloppy, tonguey kiss.