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Method: Fill a tall glass with ice, add the Campari and gin, top with tonic.
Mike Robinson, joint owner of Jeffrey's, says he had a lightbulb moment early one February morning: "Last Christmas, I was given a book on gins, tonic waters and syrups - with recipes for home-made tonics.
Tonic Design is a multi-award-winning architecture firm located in Raleigh, NC.
Strain into the glasses, add extra ice cubes and divide 650ml pineapple juice and the tonic water between the glasses.
Sam Wylie-Harris goes on a juniper journey and mixes gins with different tonics to celebrate World Gin Day on June 10.
Martin Miller's Gin (currently PS21, 70cl, Sainsbury's) and Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic (currently PS1.
Stepwise multiple linear regression analysis was performed to determine the predictors of higher tonic EMG density.
We can't wait to give even more back to the city and our loyal friends and followers with the next generation audio tonic experience, at a brand new venue and hotel.
Tonic specializes in utilising digital technologies and creative methodologies to help clients solve their biggest consumer, brand, product and communications challenges.
A company text says Tonic II comes with rimless WCs and brand new ground-breaking AquaBlade flush technology, water saving technology, integrated ambient lighting and spacious storage options with soft-close features.
Just the Tonic began in Nottingham more than 20 years ago and has branched out to the Edinburgh Festival, and now Birmingham is to get a slice of the action.
Buckfast are also trying to rebrand the tonic wine as a cocktail and culinary ingredient, and recently hired Michelin-starred TV chef Martin Blunos.