too familiar

See: trite
References in classic literature ?
Or else she stayed indoors and nursed a mood with which she was becoming too familiar for her own comfort and peace of mind.
Nearly two in three Americans indicate they have some familiarity with CBD oils, yet that includes only 14% who say they are very familiar, 33% are somewhat familiar and 17% not too familiar
All too familiar with the industry standard of flat sheets of glass and their associated rigidity and lack of reflectivity, Heatherwick wanted something more tantalisingly fluid and sparkling.
Reversals and repetitions have become familiar features of Dolven's video works--perhaps too familiar; it may be time for revisions here.
While Konig and Obrist seemed to believe that they were proposing a new view of painting, the criteria for admission were all too familiar. In the words of Paul Virilio (quoted in the catalogue introduction), "The mirror which art used to be able to hold up to reality has been broken." That happened over a century ago.
Wiener's supple works arouse our curiosity and stimulate our interest because they incessantly migrate from one strange association to another unforeseen connection, never resting for very long on anything with which our conscious minds are too familiar.