too small

References in classic literature ?
"As for the house itself, to be sure," said she, "it is too small for our family, but we will make ourselves tolerably comfortable for the present, as it is too late in the year for improvements.
I have heard rumours to the effect that government agencies rarely pay small contractors in time because the size of kickbacks from these small business people is too small.
A policy that imposes a slight cost on the majority of citizens while delivering concentrated benefits to a small minority will rouse little opposition because the nuisance is too small to warrant strong opposition.
MYTH 5: "I'm Too Small for Anyone to Care About Me." In 2003, there were approximately 5.6 million businesses with 500 employees or less in the U.S., according to the U.S.
Birch Grove Elementary School in Tofte, Minn., was too small to be cost effective in the Cook County Independent School District 166.
They are large enough for BE's Making It column, but too small for the BE 100's.).
"Were too small to qualify for big city assistance and too large and urban to qualify for rural and small community assistance."
For example, demand in rural areas for some financial services is often too small for local suppliers to offer them.