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D'Artagnan took advantage of this to go and ask Grimaud how he was.
Daylight found himself with his right foot out of the stirrup and his arms around the animal's neck; and Bob took advantage of the situation to bolt down the road.
It was his first opportunity in the play, and he certainly took advantage of it.
Wilmot, of all men the least welcome, took advantage of my isolated position to come and plant himself beside me.
It had been gradually increasing upon him ever since we came to town; and my aunt took advantage of the circumstance next morning to persuade him to return to the country immediately, without waiting for the close of the season.
Tarzan took advantage of the deafening roar of this fusillade to fire into the mob beneath him.
I soon found out which was the window of his bedroom, and early next morning I took advantage of some ladders which were lying in the lane behind the hotel, and so made my way into his room in the grey of the dawn.
I took advantage of a moment when she was absent to venture a hint on this point, to which the old man replied that there were few grown persons as trustworthy or as careful as she.
He was evidently going out; and he dexterously took advantage of that circumstance to give a plausible reason for being so near the door.
He and his friends took advantage of the empty, air-conditioned center to practice their basketball skills.
In April, three additional condominiums took advantage of the Amendment to the New York Condominium Act, allowing condominium associations to finance capital improvement projects and repairs.
When business was slow, Ryce took advantage of the extra time to re-examine her business strategy and update her business plan, concentrating on management and administration as well as operations and marketing.