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The power, authority, and ability of a judge to determine a particular legal matter. A judge's decision to take note of or deal with a cause.

That which is cognizable to a judge is within the scope of his or her jurisdiction. A Justice of the Peace would not have cognizance of a major criminal matter, for example.

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1 the right of a court to hear and determine a cause or matter.
2 (US) confession.
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The bureau also took cognizance of corruption and corrupt practices by Habit Ullah, Ex-Patwari.
Tunis - During his meeting with the speaker of the Chamber of Representatives, Mr Foued Mebazaa and the first and second vice-presidents of the Chamber, Mr Afif Chiboub and Mrs Habiba Messabi on Thursday, President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali took cognizance of the various activities of the Chamber including study days, round tables and activities of the legislature.Aa
The meeting also took cognizance over the (forthcoming) 16th Jan Supreme Court review of the Memogate issue, while it was also decided that Pakistan Army would provide full security cover to Mansoor Ejaz, on his arrival in Pakistan.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Oct 9 (ANI): National Commission for Women (NCW) took cognizance of the reports of sexual misconduct in the media and said that it is in the progress of gathering detailed information of the various allegations that have come to light in the media.
He also took cognizance of the progress by police authorities into the case, said a handout issued here on Saturday.
According to a press release, the PEMRA immediately took cognizance of the violations committed by the two satellite TV channels while covering the unfortunate incident of the assassination of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer on January 4.
Summary: New Delhi [India] Oct 9(ANI): The Maharashtra State Women's Commission (MSWC) on Tuesday took cognizance of Tanushree Dutta's allegations against veteran actor Nana Patekar after the former knocked the doors of the women's body seeking an investigation.
ISLAMABAD, December 20, 2010 (Frontier Star): President Asif Ali Zardari on Monday took cognizance of the reservations expressed by a MQM delegation and said that appropriate measures would be taken to address issues.
Meanwhile, the Minister of State Women and Child Welfare Vidya Thakur took cognizance of the matter and said that relevant action would be taken in the matter.
The commission took cognizance of the issue on the basis of a complaint which also carried a number of news clippings on the plight of poor people including those belonging to Saharia Tribe in the district.